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La Rivoluzione Tecnologica dell'Agricoltura:
PNRR Macchine con Impianti di Irrigazione di precisione Valley 4.0

The implementation of innovative precision irrigation systems such as those in the Valley series, both center pivot and linear, represents a milestone in the technological transformation of agricultural enterprises. These smart systems embody the industry’s evolution toward the “Industry 4.0” model, promoting a more efficient, sustainable and technology-driven agriculture.

The investment in a Valley plant can vary: for example, for a plant with costs up to 100,000 euros, it is possible to get 50 percent support, while for an investment up to 150,000 euros, there is a 35 percent subsidy. This financial support is a concrete incentive for farms to embrace modernization and adopt cutting-edge solutions.

These facilities, with their ability to precisely monitor and intelligently manage water resources, not only optimize water use but also represent a decisive step toward more sustainable agricultural production. Their “smart” nature makes them an integral part of a digital ecosystem, enabling enterprises to collect real-time data, optimize operations and make informed decisions based on in-depth analysis.

The adoption of these Valley 4.0 facilities represents an investment in the future of Italian farms, promoting modernization, sustainability and efficiency in the use of resources, in accordance with the goals of the NRP Machinery +4.0.

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