Valley Irrigation Machines

Valley® Irrigation è il leader mondiale nell'irrigazione di precisione.

Agrostar è il distributore Valley per le macchine di irrigazione e relativi software di gestione 4.0

Irriga al meglio, minimizzando le risorse, acqua ed energia, che utilizzi!


The Pivot Valmont Irrigation is a pyramid-shaped structure with angular profiles that move in a circular way rotating around a central pivot, allowing a uniform distribution of the load, even on difficult terrain.

They can be fixed or mobile, which adapt to your needs and can be powered through the mains or with a built-in generator set.

They are available on 4 basic alternatives: 4 fixed wheels, 4 swivel wheels, 2 wheels.

The Corner can be incorporated into the Pivot, which is an outreach that provides a greater irrigation surface. With the Corner you can irrigate the corners of a plot of land not reached by the pivot with a consequent increase in the irrigated surface.

The sprayers are controlled on and off sequence for correct use of the water.

The Pivot can be used 100% therefore on all 360 ° or on a part of them. They can therefore be adapted to surfaces that are not necessarily rounded.

Al Pivot si può incorporare il Corner, che è un sbraccio che proporziona una maggior superficie d’irrigazione. Con il Corner si possono irrigare gli angoli di un appezzamento di terreno  non raggiunti dal pivot con conseguente aumento della superficie irrigata.

Gli spruzzatori si controllano a sequenza d’accensione/ spegnimento per un uso corretto dell’acqua.

Il Pivot può essere sfruttato al 100% quindi su tutti i 360° oppure su una parte di questi. Si possono quindi adattare su superfici non necessariamente tondeggianti.

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Linear models maximize irrigated areas, crossing fields in a straight line, with coverage in square or rectangular fields up to 98%. They also make efficient use of water and eliminate runoff by delivering lower quantities of water.

They can also be used for the injection of chemical fertilizers into the water and for the application of fertigation, germination and leaching. Its feeding can be from channel or from tube.


The Bender is available for the 8120 Valley models and is an accessory that can be added to the central pivot which maximizes the irrigated area on request. It allows you to water around obstacles such as fences, trees or buildings. In addition, an exclusive acceleration timer increases pivot speed to reduce over-watering when operating in warp mode.

Valley Bender 30 and Bender 160 are easy to install, use and manage.

Bender 30: can be installed on the existing pivot

Bender 160: uses customized structural components; Curvature up to 160 degrees in both directions and would allow in the presence of a pole to completely irrigate the area behind it.

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Corner Valley machines provide advanced coverage with the necessary coverage to optimize irrigation of hectares.

The corner is a span of 67 meters. plus the 25 m outreach. which positioned on the bottom of the pivot opens and closes thus allowing you to better follow the border of the plot to be irrigated.

This allows to lengthen the irrigated length of 120 meters. (67 m + 25 m + 33 m of the final rent).

The Corner can be applied on Pivot Valley or on other brands.

In irregular shaped fields it is possible to increase the irrigated area up to 15 hectares compared to the classic pivot, but above all it offers precision irrigation, at every corner of the field.

Drop Span

DropSpan Valley for irrigation systems can increase the irrigated area. The installation of DropSpan to irrigation equipment allows you to eliminate all the necessary spans, then reconnect them when the machine returns.

In addition DropSpan:

• easy and quick to assemble by one person, in less than 15 minutes without the use of tools.

• Simple winch and batten system to release and reconnect the external spans

• a simple electrical connector manages the span cable and the control logic - saves the work of rewiring

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The Universal is an irrigation system commonly called a racecourse that Valley has produced and refined to meet the increasingly high demands of farmers. It can be powered by a tube, a channel and a concrete channel.

This linear system can automatically switch from linear to central pivot mode, allowing you to increase the number of hectares irrigated and is equipped with a 180 degree rotation capacity.

By efficiently conserving water resources.

Riduttore Valley (X-Tec Motor)

It is the most resistant reducer in the irrigation sector with the presence of multiple features such as:

1. large capacity rubber diaphragm - expands with heat and pressure to minimize water condensation and allows the oil to expand and contract during operation.

2. perpetual screw - high-strength ductile cast iron ensures significantly reduced wear compared to steel and prevents wear of the worm wheel teeth.

3. Tooth construction - the unique 25 ° tooth angle increases strength by 40% and ensures better reliability in difficult conditions than normal by 14.5 ° with a 52: 1 reduction ratio which keeps the oil between the gears.

4. Worm wheel - high strength cast iron construction ensures the largest load capacity and longest life in the industry. It is also available in bronze.

5. Longer output shaft - exclusive with Valley gearboxes. Ensures additional light between the reducer and the flanges of the wheels, reducing the accumulation of mud; this in turn protects against damage to the oil seals and prolongs the life of the gearbox.

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Remote control systems

The remote control systems allow you to deal with any possible irrigation management reality, for any operational dimension both on the field and remotely.

With the Valley Base Station, systems can be controlled from home or from the office, with continuous real-time monitoring to allow efficient management.

Different types are available:

- Base Station 3: advanced and complete technology for remote irrigation management; can be integrated into any Valley ICON Panel.

- Tracker SP: It uses the internet. It installs easily. It is used on Valley Select or Pro2 panels.

- GSM Alarm: It uses a GSM phone. Use the GSM compatible mobile phone service.

Valley 365

The top level solution for the integrated management of your crops.

Valley 365, the user-friendly and efficient interface that offers valid and concrete solutions, integrated into a single platform with existing Valley technologies such as AgSense, Valley Scheduling, Valley Variable Rate Irrigation and Valley Insights, you can access everything you need to manage your crops with a single access - anytime, anywhere.

This innovative software solution, offers unlimited data storage space, is extremely secure and can be customized according to your needs.

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