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Esperti in Sistemi di Drenaggio e
Rigenerazione del Suolo

Agrostar is your trusted partner for the design and installation of underground drainage systems and soil regeneration. Our technical experts use dedicated software to develop customized solutions from feasibility study to final design.

Our underground drainage system involves the installation of micro-slotted PVC pipes with advanced machines and automatic slope control systems. This technology eliminates surface sinking used for water passage, allowing valuable arable land to be reclaimed.

Benefits of underground tubular drainage include better regulation of soil moisture and root aeration, promoting higher crop productivity. It also helps control soil salinity and improves working conditions in clay soils. By eliminating drainages, about 7-8% of cultivable area per hectare can be recovered. Well-structured soil simplifies agricultural operations, allowing for a significant increase in production.

Choose Agrostar for sales of underground drainage systems, drain laying and coco drainage piping, as well as expertise in agromechanics and soil regeneration.

Tipi di Drenaggio

Naked Tube

Naked Tube

Agrostar drainage pipe is made of PVC, micro-slit, corrugated, lightweight and flexible.

The Agrostar pipe has 8 rows of small holes on its circumference, giving it the qualitỳ of providing minimal resistance to water entry while at the same time preventing occlusion due to the entry of coarse soil particles.

They are resistant to acids, low temperatures, pressure exerted by ground cover and the passage of farm vehicles.

They are lightweight and easy to transport, with diameters ranging from 50 to 200 mm. Placed in the ground, protected from U.V. rays, aging is practically nonexistent.

In addition, the Agrostar drainage pipe is equipped with a complete set of accessories that can enable the implementation of any drainage scheme.

Coir Coated Pipe

Coir Coated Pipe

Agrostar is your reference for underground drainage system sales and installation of coconut drainage piping. Our coconut fiber filter is an environmentally friendly solution that surrounds the pipe, preventing internal sediment buildup and ensuring that the holes remain effective.

This coir piping system is designed to provide a durable filter function in both silty and silt-sandy soils. It also acts as an effective barrier against light waterborne particles, helping to keep your soil in optimal condition.

Rely on Agrostar for sustainable and highly efficient drainage solutions, an integral part of our agromechanics and soil regeneration offerings.

PP Coated Tube

PP Coated Tube

Agrostar offers a wide range of underground drainage solutions, including our innovative polypropylene (PP) fiber-coated pipe. This type of pipeline is particularly suitable for sandy soils or soils with excessive water.

The size of the fibers and their braided arrangement in the PP pipe allow the flow of water to be slowed down, allowing muddy or sand particles to settle outside the pipe. This process preserves the effectiveness of the system, ensuring efficient management of drainage water.

By choosing PP piping from Agrostar, you can count on high-quality drainage solutions that are an integral part of our agromechanics and soil regeneration offerings.

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