Innovative solutions for
precision agriculture

Guaranteed official dealer


Up to 50 percent grant
On a new Valley precision irrigation system!
And up to 60 percent if you are a young farmer

Application deadline 11/27/23

Facilities of up to €500,000 for
Valley precision irrigation systems aimed at saving water.

Agrostar is an official dealer of Valley plants, the world’s leading
In the precision irrigation industry.

Contributo a fondo perduto Concedibile

The ISMEA Fund is a key pillar in the area of non-repayable grants, whose primary objective is to significantly support the implementation and development of innovation projects. These projects are aimed at promoting significant productivity gains in crucial sectors of the economy such as agriculture.

The core of this incentive program focuses on the dissemination of the most advanced technologies available, with a particular focus on the digital management of enterprises operating in these sectors. This includes a broad spectrum of solutions ranging from agricultural machines equipped with cutting-edge technology, to robotic solutions used to automate specific processes. It also includes the implementation of sensor systems for accurate monitoring of environmental and climatic conditions, digital platforms for data management, and 4.0 infrastructure.

Lost Fund Grant - ISMEA Fund


Grants to support the implementation and development of innovation projects aimed at increasing productivity in the agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture sectors through the dissemination of the best available technologies for digital business management (machines, robotic solutions, sensor technology, 4.0 platforms and infrastructure, etc.).

Lost Fund Grant - ISMEA Fund


Applications for access to the facilities will be examined by ISMEA in chronological order of submission (...) and must indicate the name and size of the enterprise, its location and the list of eligible assets, with an indication of their cost net of VAT.

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