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And up to 80% if you are a young farmer

Application deadline 11/27/23

Regional calls for 400 million euros for agricultural equipment innovation.
A breakthrough in the modernization submeasure.

PNRR Macchine 2024
Espansione Beneficiari e Focus Investimenti nel Settore Agroalimentare

The new NRP decree represents a turning point in support for the agricultural sector, extending the beneficiaries beyond just farms. Now, agro-mechanical enterprises, agricultural micro and SMEs, as well as their cooperatives and associations, can benefit from this support. With the goal of reaching at least 15,000 beneficiaries by 2026, Italy is preparing to maximize the resources made available by the NRP.

The decree outlines in detail the funding, eligible expenses and contribution rates. Crucially, it should be noted that grant funding cannot exceed 65 percent of the investment, rising to 80 percent for young farmers, offering them crucial incentives.

What does this 400 million euro budget concretely mean?
Eligible expenses include:

  • The purchase of precision farming machinery and equipment, such as the Valley precision irrigation system, aiming to manage farmland more efficiently.
  • The replacement of polluting off-road vehicles with more sustainable options in agriculture and animal husbandry.
  • The introduction of innovative solutions, such as center pivot and linear systems, to optimize irrigation systems, reducing waste and improving water efficiency.

This guidance outlines investment opportunities for those wishing to access NRP funds in the agribusiness sector. It is time to seize these opportunities for a more sustainable and cutting-edge agricultural and livestock future.

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