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PNRR Macchine
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The NRP Machinery aims to promote the adoption of state-of-the-art irrigation management systems based on satellite data, advanced sensors and ground-based controllers. These systems, integrated with each other, revolutionize the approach to irrigation by harnessing technologies to improve resource efficiency and optimize agricultural production.

The use of satellite data, sensors and ground-based stations enables the collection and analysis of a wide range of information, from the measurement of weather variables to soil moisture and crop-specific characteristics. These data provide a detailed overview that feeds into decision support systems such as Valley Scheduling. Such a system makes it possible to accurately estimate crop irrigation needs, adopting targeted strategies to maximize crop yields while minimizing the use of water resources.

The NRP Machinery offers significant financial support: for investments up to 35,000 euros, a 65 percent subsidy is available. And if you are a young farmer, this support can be as high as 80 percent, providing an extra incentive to encourage participation and innovation in the younger generation of farmers.

Agrostar’s offering includes a customized web platform through which the customer can monitor and configure all of the company’s plants and related equipment. From pumping stations to filtration systems, irrigation systems to weather stations and sensors. Detailed field visualization with satellite imagery provides the farmer with a comprehensive tool to manage and optimize irrigation in a smart and informed way.

The goal of Agrostar is thus aimed at supporting sustainable, efficient and future-oriented agriculture.

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